Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lua de Mel em Savannah, GA!

Tyree and I on the Savannah River.A little Public Health lesson about Yellow Fever at the Colonial Cemetery.
Camera tricks on the ghost tour! For more pictures of the ghost tour, go to the blog Tyree writes for his students:

At night at Forsythe Park.

Savannah is my kind of city; candy factories with pralines and taffy, ghost stories, seafood, art galleries, colonial architecture, parks, horse carriages and friendly people. We having a great time just walking around, being here, eating well and relaxing. Because we know when we get back it will be all packing and getting ready for New Orleans. Much love to everyone!

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Amaly said...

Have a happy Lua de Mel! you guys look so cute together, all married and in love. aw. <3