Friday, April 25, 2008

The Newlywed Game Explained

So, at many bridal showers you play the Newlywed Game, which I secretly really wanted to play but was afraid to ask for. My Aunt Sandy emailed Tyree questions about me and he answered them and at the shower the ladies asked me the questions and compared his answers with mine.
Possibly the moment that needed the most explanation was his answer that Salma Hayek was my favorite actor. This is not true, and Tyree knows it. It was a joke. Salma's classy Campari ads always feature a shadowy, rugged figure that could or could not be Tyree. I started writing fake love notes from Salma to Tyree over these ads and pretended to be upset by them. It's a lot of fun. Who is my real favorite actor? Click on the questions to make them bigger. My answers are in red, his are in black.


Dr. Jordanstein said...

So, you "pretend" to be upset over "fake" love letters? The tears I cry for my shadowy, rugged figure are real!

Amaly said...

hahaha. you guys crack me up! (I am procrastinating on finals by checking your blog by the way)and I think its great that you know each other so well! congratulations on that! :D