Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where not to stay for the Wedding

As some of you may be looking for places to stay in Tallahassee, I will warn you against the cheapest motel, the Prince Murat. I find this story really funny and thought I should tell it: the Prince Murat was Napoleon's nephew who came to Tallahassee in the 1800's and married a local girl. There are different stories about him, like, he developed a taste for racoon and had a wild party-life. He had an estate near Monticello, near where Tyree lives, and I used to live. He died here and has a nice grave, but his name is now known more as the motel, the Prince Murat.

This isn't your typical motel. It's the worst motel in Tallahassee. Hourly rates, etc. I wouldn't send my worst enemy (if I had one) to sleep there. And yes, at one point, the giant flourescent sign really did burn out to say PRINCE **RAT. It was bound to happen. Just a funny local story.

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